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英文介绍信汇总 篇1

  The Embassy of Germany in Beijing

  此处写单位英文名称 People’s Republic of China Presents its compliments to the Embassy of Germany in Beijing and has the honor to request for the issue of entry visas of Germany for 此处写学员姓名的汉语拼音, who is leaving China on October, 3, 20xx.此处写单位英文名称avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Embassy of Germany the assurances of its highest consideration.·介绍信模板 ·介绍信格式 ·实习介绍信 ·入党介绍信 ·自我介绍信此处写英文单位名称,并盖章

  July 5, 20xx

英文介绍信汇总 篇2

  dear tom,

  the house is located in the crossing of the north street with a bedroom and a

  living room . it is on the second floor and covers an area of 70㎡. the shining point

  of this house is that il has enough furnitures and is opposite to the south .at there

  not only can you go to the gym to do physical exercise , but also can go shopping

  gladly by convenient traffic . the rent is 4500 yuan a month. if you want to know

  more about the house , please call .i sincerely hope that the information i offered will be beneficial for you .yours,lihua.

英文介绍信汇总 篇3










英文介绍信汇总 篇4

  Dear Mary,

  My colleague Jenny will go to the Department of Language and Linguistics to work as a visiting scholar for three months at your renowned university。I have always expected the two of you to meet, and this seems to be a perfect opportunity。

  I have given your phone numbers to her and she may call you if she needs your help。I think she will have no trouble with her registration and accommodation。Perhaps you can show her around the campus or even the city when you have time。

  I am sure that you will find an outgoing and intelligent girl in her just as you。You will become good friends in no time。 Your kindness will always be appreciated and remembered。

英文介绍信汇总 篇5

  dear mr. / ms,

  we are pleased to introduce mr. wang you, our import manager of textiles department. mr. wang is spending three weeks in your city to develop our business with chief manufactures and to make purchases of decorative fabrics for the coming season.

  we shall be most grateful if you will introduce him to reliable manufacturers and give him any help or advice he may need.

  yours faithfully,

  yang ning


  我们非常高兴向您介绍我们纺织部的进口经理王有先生。王先生将在你市度过三周,他要与主要的生产厂家拓展商务并为下一季度采购装饰织品。 如能介绍他给可靠的生产厂家,向他提供所需的任何帮助或建议,我们将不胜感谢。


英文介绍信汇总 篇6

  To Whomwe aret May Concern:

  As the Dean of Stonewell College,we are have had the pleasure of knowing Hannah Smith for the last four years. She has been a tremendous student and an asset to our are would like to take this opportunity to recommend Hannah for your graduate are feel confident that she will continue to succeed in her studies. Hannah is a dedicated student and thus far her grades have been aren class, she has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them. Hannah has also assisted us in our admissions office. She has successfully demonstrated leadership ability by counseling new and prospective students.

  Her advice has been a great help to these students, many of whom have taken time to share their comments with me regarding her pleasant and encouraging aret is for these reasons thatwe are offer high recommendations for Hannah without reservation. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your aref you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Roger Fleming Dean of Stonewell College 。

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英文介绍信汇总 篇8

  Dear Colleagues:

  As a teacher in Department of Biology, Nankai University, a leading university in China, I am very pleased to take this opportunity to recomm one of my favorite students to your PhD program.

  In September, 20xx, Miss Zhang was my students in General Biology, the first professional course they take in the field. She likes it very much. I teach her in an open and interactive manner, she is active and passionate about answering class questions. Miss Zhang is bright, energetic and enthusiastic girl who loves speaking out her own ideas. She never escapes those points of which she is skeptical. Apart that, she often puts forward her ideas upon questions and exchanges all of her innovate ideas with me after class.

  Upon ing of General Biology course, I asked my students to write an essay upon their understanding of biology. I discovered Miss Zhang’s essay was so impressive and persuasive; her careful essay comes dozens of references to Biology literatures. In essay Miss Zhang stretched out her creative thinking upon status quo of biological research and branches in the field of biology. All of this speaks to her creative and logical and scientific thinking capability. I am gladly to say that Miss Zhang has a clear understanding about General Biology, that comprehension has been reflected fully in her essay. Therefore Miss Zhang got a full point for her essay in her class, and other students took it as model essay for granted.

  I believe Miss Zhang’s industriousness, passion and dedication will make her an ideal candidate you are seeking for your program, so I highly recomm her without any hesitation to you. And I will greatly appreciate it if you could accept her into your program.

  Sincerely yours


  作为一流大学南开大学生物系的老师,我很高兴借此机会推荐一位我最喜欢的学生参加你们的博士课程。 20xx年9月,张老师是我的普通生物学学生,这是他们在这个领域的第一门专业课。她非常喜欢。我以开放跟互动的方式教她,她积极而热情地回答课堂问题。张小姐是一个聪明、精力充沛、热情洋溢的女孩,她喜欢说己的想法。她从不逃避那些她持怀疑态度的观点。除此之外,她经常在问题上提己的想法,并在课后与我交流她所有的创新想法。在普通生物学课程结束时,我要求我的学生写一关于他们对生物学的理解的文章。我发现张小姐的文章给人印象深刻,很有说服力;她那撰写的论文来源于对生物学文献的大量引用。在这文章中,张小姐阐述了她对生物学研究现状跟生物学分支的创造性思维。所有这些都说明了她具有创造性、逻辑性跟科学性的思维能力。我很高兴地说张小姐对普通生物学有一个清楚的了解,这种了解在她的文章中得到了充分的反映。因此,张老师在班上的得了满分,其他同学认为这是理所当然的。我相信张小姐的勤奋、热情跟奉献将使她成为你所追求的理想人选,所以我毫不犹豫地向你推荐她。如果你能接受她加入你的计划,我将不胜感激。


英文介绍信汇总 篇9


  写这类书要注意慎重、谦恭。在信封左下角常写有to introduce ……或introducing……,信封一般不封。

  1. 介绍中学同学 introducing a middle school classmate

  dear [mr. chang].

  the bearer, [ms huan], is a classmate of mine at middle school, who has recently been assigned to work in your city. [she] is well educated, having good habits and agreeable manners. any assistance you may give [her] concerning [her] life will be esteemed as a great favor for me.

  yours truly,



  2. 介绍本人 self-introduction

  dear [sirs],

  from your advertisement in [yesterday’s usa today] i find that you are wanting a [chinese teacher] in your college. i beg leave to take the liberty of offering myself for the position.

  born in [beijing] in [1970], i am a graduate of [beijing university], and therefore have a good knowledge both in chinese and english.

  should my application be regarded favorably, i shall endeavor to justify the confidence you may repose in me.

  faithfully yours,







  3. 去具体单位的介绍信 letter of introduction with a known unit

  china travel service

  [april 15, 1993]

  bureau of travel and tourism


  gentleman in charge,

  the bearer of this lette

英文介绍信汇总 篇10

  my name is . there are 4 people in my family. my father is a chemistry teacher. he teaches chemistry in senior high school. my mother is an english teacher. she teaches english in the university. i have a younger brother, he is a junior high school student and is preparing for the entrance exam.

  i like to read english story books in my free time. sometimes i surf the internet and download the e- books to read. reading e- books is fun. in addition, it also enlarges my vocabulary words because of the advanced technology and the vivid animations.

  i hope to study both english and computer technology because i am interested in both of the subjects. maybe one day i could combine both of them and apply to my research in the future.

英文介绍信汇总 篇11

  Dear Mr. / Ms,

  We are pleased to introduce Mr. Wang You, our import manager of Textiles Department. Mr. Wang is spending three weeks in your city to develop our business with chief manufactures and to make purchases of decorative fabrics for the coming season. We shall be most grateful if you will introduce him to reliable manufacturers and give him any help or advice he may need.

英文介绍信汇总 篇12

  Dear Sir or Madam:

  I am very pleased to write this recommation for Mr. W.Y. so as to support his application for admission into your PhD program and for your consideration of his financial support.

  Mr. W.Y. is a remarkable student in academic performance in our department. Upon his request, I enrolled him into my research team as my R.A. when he was still a junior, which was an exception. This bold decision was justified by his outstanding academic record during his first two years’ study. Working as my R.A., he has proved him to be a valuable potential researcher with the qualities of self-motivation, perseverance, modest and thirst for new information and technology. Though lacking of experience at the beginning compared with the other professionals in our team, he strove to keep up with the research by eagerly absorbing all necessary knowledge and constantly consulting other members with much modest. Therefore, not long after he could conduct the experiments without any assistance the others working in the lab. He even led the discussion of our journal club that he set up the very beginning in my lab, which all of us benefited a lot. His diligence and perseverance in our lab have paid off. Within less than one year, he got involved and finished three of my research projects:

  And he also took part in two published papers, one titled , the other . This type of acclaim is normally reserved for graduate students and I believe that this exemplifies his commitment to furthering his education.

  Besides merits for scientific research, Mr. W.Y. also has a wonderful personality. All of us around enjoy the acquaintance and friship him. No matter as a teammate or a team leader, he is always cooperative, considerate and eager to provide help, making us feel so comfortable and confident to be along with him, either for work or just for personal companion.

  This young man’s professional qualities and personal character have convinced me that he will have no trouble in succeeding in any career that he chooses to pursue, given the opportunity to have a try.

  In short, I am confident to assert that Mr. W.Y. has the potential to distinguish himself as a successful researcher, and that this potential will be sure to be fully caressed and exploited if he can be accepted for further pursuit in this field in your institution. I shall greatly appreciate it if you will consider his application in light of this potential.

  Yours Sincerely,




  在不到一年的时间里,他参与并完成了我的三个研究项目: 他还参加了两发表的论文,一题为,另一题为。这种赞誉通常是留给研究生的,我相信这是他继续进修的一个例子。



英文介绍信汇总 篇13

  Dear ,i am .i am that a man is brave is circle graduates.the speciality is measured and maintained,graduate from the college of auto industry of .

  i study specialized course diligently in the time at school, train one's own self-study ability.have been admitted to the time at school car steering and shone,repair the card in automobile intermediate.being admitted to the automobile sale and after-sale service speciality of undergraduate course of self-study examination of the university of www.9iwz.com always load in jetta and fields lying fallow in rotation of the treasure of our company one is practised,receive the leader's trust, with the heavy repair shop of the audi now.

  today, the automobile is fierce in competition , it is higher and higher to people's demand.i like the automobile very much, i like the work of the automobile very much too.i can be competent at the company and hand over any post to me.i is it is it hope leader can give me chance to let me make contribution for company to progress to demand actively.let me offer some strength for beautiful tomorrow of the company,express gratitude to the leader's culture.thanks for your attention,that's all.

英文介绍信汇总 篇14

  introductiondear mr. / ms.

  this is to introduce mr. , our new marketingspecialist who will be in london from april 5 to mid april on business.

  we shall appreciate any help you can give mr. and will always be happy to reciprocate.

  yours faithfully,


英文介绍信汇总 篇15

  dear mr. / ms.,

  this is to introduce mr. frank jones, our new marketing介绍信格式specialist who will be in london from april 5 to mid april on business.

  we shall appreciate any help you can give mr. jones and will always be happy to reciprocate.

  yours faithfully,

  yang ning





英文介绍信汇总 篇16

  Singapore Road,Oct. 10,Dear Mr. Lee,As I am leaving for New York immediately to pursue higher education, I shall be very grateful for a letter of introduction to your brother The-Sheng who, I u nderstand, is now studying at Columbia University. I like very much to make the acquaintance of him who, I understand, has sojourned in the United States for qu ite a number of years and knows that country very well. I am sure I shall benefi t immensely by his advice and guidance when I arrive at that American city, whic h is entirely strange to me .I plan to study at Columbia University during the f irst year of my stay in the United States and hope to approach your brother for detailed information regarding the entrance requirements of that institution if I can have the pleasure of meeting him.With kind regards,Yours sincerely,Y.Chow

  The Embassy of Germany in BeijingPeople’s Republic of China Presents its compliments to the Embassy of Germany in Beijing and has the honor to request for the issue of entry visas of Germany for, who is leaving China on October, 3, 20xx. avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Embassy of Germany the assurances of its highest consideration. July 5, 20xxGood morning, my name is jack, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for a interview, i would like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a good performance today, eventually eoll in this prestigious university in september. now i will introduce myself briefly,i am 21 years old,born in heilongjiang province ,northeast of china,and i am curruently a senior student at beijing www.9iwz.com major is packaging engineering.and i will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in www.9iwz.com the past 4 years,i spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 with a ease. and i have acquired basic knowledge of packaging and publishing both in theory and in practice. besides, i have attend· several packaging exhibition hold in Beijing, this is our advantage study here, i have taken a tour to some big factory and company. through these i have a deeply understanding of domestic packaging industry. compared to developed countries such as us, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since ,our packaging industry are still underdeveloped, mess, unstable, the situation of employees in this field

  are awkard. but i have full confidence in a bright future if only our economy can keep the growth pace still. i guess you maybe interested in the reason itch to law, and what is my plan during graduate study life, i would like to tell you that pursue law is one of my lifelong goal,i like my major packaging and i won't give up,if i can pursue my master degree here i will combine law with my former education. i will work hard in thesefields ,patent ,trademark, copyright, on the base of my years study in department of p&p, my character? i cannot describe it well, but i know i am optimistic and confident. sometimes i prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but i am not lonely, i like to chat with my classmates, almost talk everything ,my favorite pastime is valleyball,playing cards or surf online. through college life,i learn how to balance between study and entertainment. by the way, i was a actor of our amazing drama club. i had a few glorious memory on stage. that is my pride.

英文介绍信汇总 篇17

  After completing my military service, i have been looking for a challenging goal for me to achieve. and i found that the intermediate of general english proficiency test fits my new achievement properly.

  i graduated from taipei commercial junior college, majored in business administration. instead of spending much time in playing, i devoted myself to my studies and paid attention to all meaningful things happened in daily life. by the way, i learned a lot from mr. wang, the professor of my business class. he is my good friend till now an often gives some appropriate suggestions toward my problem confusion.

  my father is, in the same way, a good consultant to me. as he said: i am in poor education, little for you; to clarify, what he have given is far beyond his words, i do think so. i was born in a country of ping tung country, farming is our career of generations. there are four people in my family, mother is housewife and my brother is a student of an agriculture college.i am optimistic and active, and i am confident that i can pass the test.

英文介绍信汇总 篇18

  Dear Sir/Madam:

  As a teacher at school, I am writing to provide you a recommendation for Miss/Mr. so as to help you assess her/his application for acceptance into your program and consideration for financial aid.

  Considered a promising student with originality and sophistication in her/his thinking, (she/he was asked, in the spring semester of 20xx, to develop a subsystem of a DBMS project for her B.S.thesis, for which I was the chief leader. T

  his subsystem was designed to manage the information of materials in NO.1 Foundry Plant of Dongfeng Auto www.9iwz.com do the job, she/he read many books about software engineering and took some courses in Database Principles and Management. Keenly aware that the design of a DBMS decides the quality of the whole software system, she did her/his utmost from the beginning of the project.)(参加过什么活动). From analyzing users requirements to designing the whole system, from the detailed designing to the final programming, she was very level-headed and full of innovation every step of the way. Taking full advantage of her ability and creativity, she firmly focused herself on her objective and gnored all distractions. She successfully reached her goal. In the final software testing, only a few bugs were found in her subsystem. My appreciation of her talelent was thus confirmed.Miss is a very personable woman, friendly and helpful, and she has always been a team player in her work.

  I would greatly appreciate it if you could give her application for candidacy to your Ph.D. program favorable consideration. Should you need any further information in your deliberation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


英文介绍信汇总 篇19

  Good morning. it is really my honor to be here for this interview. i hope i can make a good performance today. i’m confidence that i can succeed. now let me introduce myself. my name is .from anhui province. now i study in zhejiang university of technology as a postgraduate, and will be graduated july this year. my major is chemical engineering and technology. during the postgraduate study, i’m the chairman of student union, planning and organizing lots of activities, like academic activities, annual summary meetings, evening party, and so on. also take part in many volunteer service activities. like low-carbon transportation activity in 20__, wuhu. we used the theme “greener traffic, cleaner air” to encourage car owners to take public transportation more often and help ease road congestion and contribute to better air quality. now, i’m very glad i did these which not only prove my social ability, like communication, organization, teamwork. but most important, it teaches me dedication and thankful to society. also i have a work experience in a surface science application company and several internship experiences, which mentioned in my resume. so i’m not introduced here. today, i’m coming here for the career international sales from zhijiang silica chemicals. it has good staff development platform project, corporate culture, and strong research team. so i feel i can gain lots and work happy in the company. i think i’m a good team player and a person of great honesty to others. also,i am able to work under great pressure. i am confident that i am qualified for the consult service in your company. that’s all. thank you for giving me the chance. i am looking forward to becoming a part of your company.